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Last week, I watched the newest movie Captain Marvel in the afternoon, with beautiful sunset in the park. No wifi no internet connection in the park, but I got Vidmate – the perfect video downloader.

VidMate APP

VidMate APP

Since the online industry grow rapidly in the past decade, time flies like someone else has pressed down the Forward button in our life, and everything seems like it comes and goes just in one seconds. We get up, go to work, facing the screen, working like a machine, spending our 1/3 or more time a day. When we got home in the late night, the room’s dark and you have nobody to talk to. If you ever missing the beautiful days that we sitting in the sun, enjoying music or and old movie? We all missed those many beautiful scenes on the way to success.


This weekend I went out with friends to the park, with a little blanket, and my phone. I wanted to enjoy the newest movie Captain Marvel in the sun without Internet, which means no WIFI, no 4G Internet. So my friend advise for VidMate app downloading, which is best a video downloader that support all resources like YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr. If you love to find video, movie and music on the websites like YouTube which you’d like to save and watch it in a place which has no Internet connection at all, you must need VidMate app!!!


When I stepped on the lawn, my felt so pleasant and my heart is so soft. I talked with my friend about the life in the past few days. Our working days so busy as all the people do right now. After the intense work we all feel so lonely and empty, and rarely can really relax. Generally speaking, I will hold the mobile phone at home, review the work all day, and prepare for the next workday. However, when we sat on the lawn and ate fruit, we seem to have been cured by the sunshine and the smell of the grass. We found out the Captain Marvel in the mobile phone from VidMate and started our movie time.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

The film doesn’t tell the story according to the timeline, but is the beginning of one part of her story. It makes the audiences became to Carol, and recall her memory. It shows the story of a hero looking for herself. Note is that the story begins after Carol becomes vers, paying attention to the movie constantly recalling. The part of memory is constantly recalling to an earlier time. In this process, we have seen a history of the growth of a hero. She is constantly reconciling with the past, objectively understanding the past, understanding herself, and then gaining new insights of herself. In a sense, each of us is also our own hero, constantly reconciling with the past and then growing into a better one.


The afternoon tea time with the Captain Marvel made me calm down and think. In this afternoon without internet connection, the time is slower than before. I could lie down and watch the sun dance on my toes, or dancing with the trees. I could also have time to think about my past. Leisure time is not difficult, the only thing you need is your best movie to go mate: Vidmate.

VidMate Apk

VidMate Apk

Sometimes its really hard for me to find a resource to download the newest movie and watch it at home, until I meet Vidmate App. It bring 100000+ resources to find out what I want and get unlimited free download. All the media-sharing websites don’t offer the download feature, while VidMate offer me a place to find and download trending videos movies and music, and offer me a chance to “takeaway” the movie. Multiple types of resources and websites are available for us. Besides multi-threaded download tasks can be done at the same time, as long as the network is in a good condition, VidMate can download them.


Another function which makes me satisfy is the all in one character of VidMate download App. What are you going to do when you want to download the songs on YouTube but it is in video foam? Want to convert it to mp3 format? Want to download Format Factory? Vidmate helps me save storage for the useful profils, compare to waste the storage for more application and save a lot of works during changing different Apps. VidMate Apk is also available for windows systems, which you can launched and download videos on PC


Oh, one things I forgot to tell you is, VidMate also provide several languages to choose, which is very friendly for me as a language learner. I can switch the language into German, English and Español which I’ve learned so far. And you can find out more language setting in the VidMte download App.


From online video downloading to format transferring, VidMate could surprise me more. I started to expecting what VidMate App going to be like in the shortly days. God please tell me when is the next time for them to update VidMate.


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